Circassian Silver Shoes

Mediæval Circassian silver shoes found in a Kabardian kurgan (burial mound) in the town of Psigansu (Псыгуэнсу; Псыгансу; previously Zhanx'wet-heble, Zhankhot Village) in Kabarda, dated to the XIV-XVI centuries AD. Psigansu is some 35 km to the north-west of Nalchik, the capital of Kabarda.

Although we are used to exquisite Circassian shoes adorned with silver, and even gold, this is the first time that we come across a pair of shoes wholly made of silver. This is opulence and self-indulgence taken to uncharted heights. The search is now on to find the ultimate symbol of decadence – Circassian golden shoes!? With things Circassian, one should inure oneself to expect the unexpected!
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